Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentines 2015

First and foremost I hope every one had a wonderful valentines day. I know I did. I normally work every single weekend but I managed to get off Saturday in celebration of valentines day. That was good enough for me.

To start off our day we headed to our home town to visit my granny to enjoy some good home cooked breakfast, our favorite biscuit and gravy complimented with bacon and fried potatoes. My granny just had surgery this week and she STILL felt as if she needed to make us breakfast as our valentines present. She is so wonderful and selfless, I know no one else like her she is one of a kind forsure.

Afterwards, I let the boys opens their gifts from Berrac and myself. Of course the gifts were cheap and not really valentines themed but they were extremely happy with what they received and most of the items were items that they would actually use and not stuff that would get thrown out; candy, piggy bank, computer game (thank you dollar tree find), winter gloves, small Dino figure, Disney themed plastic cup... I think that was it. Berran of course got some different items; small wooden alphabet blocks, fishy and ducks for bath time, paci, and socks. He loved his items as well.

Braxton wrote us all valentines. He is so sweet.

Later in the day meant parting from my kids as they were staying with my dad and step mom for the nights so Berrac and I could enjoy a kid free date night. This would be our first time being without Berran. The only time we have ever left him is once for 4 hours while I attended a bachelorette party and 8 hours for work, that's it. He is almost 8 months, spoiled rotten and a big mamas boy. My heart was broken. I think I hugged and kissed him a million times even going back in one last time to give him one more. I was okay though I thought about him quite a bit but once I was gone and actually enjoying myself, ourselves, I was content with him being gone.

Now he won't be staying anywhere again for at least a few months but I feel better knowing he will do okay and I'm content with it. I was also worrying about my milk decreasing but as of this morning and limited wine intake I had pumped 25 ounces. Woo hoo! Thank you jesus. That made me feel better about leaving him as well. Nothing sexier during a date night than having to whip out your boobs and pump out milk 3 times for 20 minutes.

With that said we had a great night. Had some wine, a nice salad and steak for dinner and ended the night at the Marriott. Even if we were only 10 minutes away from home something about a nice hotel makes it seem like a mini vacay for the evening. Sadly we weren't able to get into the pool but we still enjoyed the night and each other's company. I dont know if every woman gets their man a valentines gift but I always try to get him a little something. This year I made him a bouquet of liquor, he really liked it, I recieved a cute card, a necklace and some roses. He's too sweet and definitely out did himself with everything. Couldn't have asked for a better night with a better person. We even enjoyed a nice breakfast that the hotel served bright and early this morning before he had to head out for work. 

Now I'm just patiently waiting for the kids to return and being able to actually spend time with them today instead of sleeping all day after working all night, which is what id normally be doing today. Maybe we can cook up something in the easy bake oven and enjoy a movie and popcorn snuggled up in the bed on this frigid day.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How chores helped my children

Before chores everytime we went to ANY store the kids always requested something. They didn't care if it was a rinky dinky toy that would fall a part in a few days. It could be a toy they didn't really want. It could be candy, a soft drink, a happy meal but it would always be something. If we rode past a yardsale and they could clearly see toys in the yard they would want to stop and have a peek. On the bright side at least I'm raising some crunchy kids who will enjoy used toys but that's besides the fact. They didn't under stand the value of a dollar or working for your money.

One night while at work I thought about making a chore chart. I made one up and copied weekly sheets. I didn't expect a whole lot from them but I knew I could come up with some small chores. I decided on brushing teeth (Broox likes to have me brush them for him), folding towels and rags, putting clothes in the hamper, helping dad gather laundry for laundry day, setting the table, putting dishes in the sink and picking up toys. Unfortunately some days we don't have laundry, we don't have to gather laundry up and when Berrac isn't home we don't always eat at the table but I don't hold that agaisnt them. Instead of an X on the chart I draw a line to let me know they didn't have that option for the day. 

Now once we started this they done an awesome job. They still do good but now I have to remind them and when they slack it's more than likely my fault. They get paid twice a month $5 every 2 weeks. I know it's not much, but to them they are so excited to know they have their own money. They do have the option to make more if they do stuff outside of what's on the chore chart.

It has really surprised me how well they have done and how their actions have changed A LOT. My once 'begging for toys' children no longer ask for something everytime they are out. If they don't have money they don't ask. If they ask anything at all it is them wanting to know when they get paid again. Some how it has even managed to get them getting along better and being more respectful to me and their father. I'm not sure how chores could make that big of an impact but since I've started the chart those are a few of the main things I have noticed.

Last month both the kids bought their own video games after saving their chore money in a container for 2 months. Broox was 10 dollars short so he agreed to forfeit receiving money this month while still doing his chores. For a 5 and 7 year old, ESPECIALLY a 5 year old to have money and save it, it's a really big deal. I was so proud of them. 

Unfortunately I've been slacking a tad on reminding them about chores but I told them no more slacking if they want to get paid they have to do the work. I truely believe they are now gaining a better understanding of the value of money and working for what you have. They make me so proud!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Real: Breastfeeding what's the big deal?

Im sure most of you all seen my post on instagram about the talk show The Real (BET) on the topic of breastfeeding. This show is hosted by Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry, Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon and Jeannie Mai. Tamara Mowry is also a breastfeeding mother, advocate, 'lactivist'. With that said I was anxious to watch the clip to see her standing up for breastfeeding.

Before I voice my opinion you can first watch the video here. 

As you see it is mainly focused around a woman still nursing her daughter from the breast at 6 years of age. First and foremost every single word that Tamar Braxton had to say was absolutely sickening to me. She was the worst one out of the 5 women. I understand yes it is about opinions and everyone has one, but to me it seemed as if all 5 women were slamming breastfeeding and were all using the word us breastfeeding mothers hate the most 'BUT'. 

As the saying goes every breastfeeding mother hates a butter. Braxton seemed to be disgusted with breastfeeding all around she even admitted to breastfeeding or may I say 'breastfeeded' (is breastfeeded even a word?) her son for 3 weeks and decided it wasn't for them just by looking Into his eyes. As a breastfeeding mother myself I can say looking into my child's eyes while he is nursing is one of those most precious moments we share and I am adamantly sorry that she didn't feel that way with her child. 

Love just wanted to crack jokes about it the entire time basically making fun of this woman and any woman who chooses to breastfeed beyond infancy. While Mai and Bailon wasn't as opinionated as the others you could tell they were in disagreement as well. Bailon even went as far as acting like nursing to age 2 was not acceptable.

Tamara Mowry on the other hand was the most shocking of all. This woman who claims and I don't say that lightly ... CLAIMS she is a supporter of breastfeeding BUT her opinions speak otherwise. She really only seemed to support breastfeeding until age 1 and age 2 is okay to still be breastfeeding but if you want to breastfeed longer than you should be pumping it and putting it in a cup and teaching your child to be 'independent'. Although I didn't know extended breastfeeding meant your child couldn't be and isn't independent. 

I'm disgusted by all these women. Downing other women who choose to provide their children wtih breast milk longer than some people see fit. If a parent and the child isn't uncomfortable then why does it really matter to others? Oh, so you're the one uncomfortable about it? Are you the mother or are you the child? I didn't think so. Therefore keep your nasty opinions to yourself. As for Mowry just stop acting like you are a huge breastfeeding supporter when not once did you defend this mother or stand up for breastfeeding when all the other women were saying nasty things. I almost forgot that their was a comment made about breastfeeding mothers covering up while nursing in piblic and Mowry STILL did not defend that. Oh well if others are uncomfortable seeing a nursing mom in public get over it. The person feeling that way is obviously the one who is sexualizing it. A mother on the other hand is only trying to feed her child. Would you look in disgust at a mom feeding her child with a bottle or feel disturbed? No. You know where the idea of a bottle came from? A breast. So grow up. Breastfeeding is natural and ALWAYS provides nutrients no matter what age.

If these women didn't mean to come off this way or wouldn't personally breastfeed their child at that age they could have said it in a better way that was not downing her or breastfeeding.

I support breastfeeding and I support that woman and all others who choose to breastfeed whether it be 6 days or 6 years. Way to go mom for giving it your best. To me that is awesome because our bodies are awesome and we can come together to support each other and our strength. This woman is selfless for continuously providing her child for 6 years with these awesome nutrients. Still giving up her breasts when ever her child wants. More than likely she probably pumps as well. To me what this woman does is completely selfless even if she does it because she isn't ready to give up the nursing relationship I think it's obvious the child doesn't want to give it up either so it's not as if she's being forced. The question we should ask ourselves even if we don't see ourselves nursing our child at the age of 6 would we down the women who do? Do we look at it in disgust? Or do we support it and love the will that this mother has?....when you answer that I believe you'll know how much or how little you actually support breastfeeding. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Berran is 7 months!

01-17-2015 Berran turned 7 months. About 3 weeks ago on 01-05-2015 he had his 6 months shots (a little late) and well child check up he weighed in at 21lbs 12oz and 28in long. I'd say he is now just a little big bigger. 
Berran has such a big personality. He now laughs at all sorts of things like tickeling, funny voices, talking, peek a boo, and his big brothers. He has an extremely loud mouth, no really, he loves to hear himself hollering. Below you can watch a video of him laughing at his big brother Braxton.
On 01-15-2015 he got his first tooth.

A few days ago on 01-23-2015 he finally said dada. Yes, I know he really wasn't putting 2 and 2 together that dada was Berrac but I'll say that will be here soon. Regardless it was still an exciting moment I even have a cute little video where he is trying to say it but just mouthing it with no sound coming out and finally he said it. You can watch the 2 videos here.
He is now sitting without support and playing with toys. He is still pretty much exclusively breastfed with the exception of a snack once a day. We are doing a combination of delayed solids and baby lead weaning so no baby food yet. He is nursing I'd say 6 times a day maybe more depending and when he has a snack it's either crackers or some type of fruit. Sometimes we let him have a sample of what we are having for dinner if its a baby led weaning appropriate meal. He loves his sugar free ice lollys/Popsicle which I had to buy after he began constantly wanting one when he'd see Berrac eating one after dinner which was not sugar free.

On 01-26-2014 his second tooth broke skin.
I'm excited to see what milestones he will hit throughout the rest of this month.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Italian Sausage Spinach Penne

What you'll need:

•1 bundle of fresh spinach
•1 roll of Italian sausage OR Italian turkey sausage
•half a box of vegetable penne noodles
•a can of diced Italian tomatos in basil and oregano. 
•mozzarella cheese
•optional: natural sea salt, pepper, parsley flakes, Italian seasoning, oregano, onion powder, garlic powder, Parmesan cheese.

What to do:

•fill a pan with water and bring to a boil  
•add in half a box of penne noodles. Be sure the water is above the noodles.
•while the noodles are boiling brown the sausage in a pan.
•check penne noodles and then turn off heat once they are done, drain the water off of noodles.
•chop up spinach (it will wilt down in size) and add in with the sausage. 
•once the spinach is wilted down and sausage is completely browned reduce heat, add in noodles and stir.
•add in about 1/2 a cup of mozzarella cheese or more if you like and stir.
•drain the tomatoes, add in and stir.
•optional: add in sea salt, pepper, oregano, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder and Parmesan to your liking.